AussieBum Underwear: 2023 Guide

AussieBum is an Australian men’s underwear brand that was founded in Sydney in 2001. The brand quickly gained popularity in both Australia and worldwide. Aussiebum is known for its bold, vibrant and sometimes provocative designs. These days Aussiebum offers a huge range of mens underwear styles.

Aussiebum Mens Underwear

What Makes AussieBum Underwear Unique

AussieBum stands out from other men’s underwear and swimwear brands in several ways:

Innovative Designs

AussieBum sells a wide variety of different underwear types. These include briefs, jock straps, trunks, boxers and more. AussieBum also uses some unique construction methods to add additional features. They make a range called Wonderjock which makes your package look bigger and Seamless which doesn’t have any annoying or scratchy seams.

Aussiebum Classic Underwear

Aussiebum is known for pushing the boundaries of men’s underwear. They use a huge range of different fabrics and construction methods.

Colourful Underwear

Many of Aussiebum’s designs feature bright colours. For a long time, they were one of the only mens underwear brands that made colourful underwear for men.

Australian Designs

Some of Aussiebum’s designs are based on Australian favourite. For example the Aussiebum Rugby Shorts are an updated version of the classic footy shorts that are popular in Australia.

Sexy and Erotic Mens Underwear

Many of Aussiebum’s designs are what we’d consider sexy mens underwear. Aussiebum sells a large number of jock strap designs as well as mesh mens underwear. They also sell a mens g-string and a backless pair of underwear known as “The cup”.

Aussiebum "The Cup" Underwear

Where to Buy Aussiebum Underwear in Australia

Aussiebum is an Australian brand and they have a local online shop. The best place to buy Aussiebum underwear is directly through their website. They often have very good sales and discounts of 50% off are not uncommon. However, many styles on Aussiebum are limited so if you see something you like it’s probably a good idea to buy it before it sells out.

Aussiebum doesn’t operate any retail stores. This helps keep their costs down and it makes Aussiebum underwear relatively affordable.

Where is Aussiebum Underwear Made?

AussieBum underwear was originally made in Sydney Australia. The underwear is now made in a number of different countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh. We haven’t noticed a change in the quality of the underwear.

Our AussieBum Review

I’ve been a huge fan of AussieBum underwear for many years. There’s a reason why it’s still one of the most popular alternative mens underwear brands in Australia and is also well known around the world. Aussiebum underwear is well made and I’ve found it’s lasted as well (or longer) than most other quality mens underwear brands.

I’ve found the Cotton Soft (which is my favourite Aussiebum range) to be extremely comfortable while still being well fitted.

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