Teamm8 Underwear: Brand Guide

Teamm8 is an Australian men’s underwear and fashion brand. Teamm8 is known for its fashion forward designs. Here’s our guide on Teamm8 underwear:


What is Teamm8

Teamm8 is an Australian men’s fashion brand. They are best known for making underwear but also make a range of athletic and loungwear for men. Teamm8 underwear is popular within the gay community.

What Makes Teamm8 Underwear Unique

Teamm8 makes a range of underwear including briefs, trunks, boxers and jocks. Many of their designs are unique and make use of differing fabrics including sheer styles. Teamm8 underwear comes in an ever changing range of colours. You’ll often find styles and colours that aren’t common for mens underwear.

Teamm8 also sells a large range of mens jockstraps and men’s thongs.

Where to Buy Teamm8 Underwear in Australia

The best place to buy Teamm8 underwear is on the Teamm8 website. Orders are shipped from their warehouse in Sydney, Australia. The brand is also available at various retail outlets including The Iconic.

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