Pump Underwear Brand Guide

Pump Underwear sells a range of bold, bright and sexy mens underwear designs. If you’re looking for underwear that stands out, Pump could be for you!

Pump Underwear Graffiti Trunks

When and Where Was Pump Founded

Pump! Underwear was in 2009 in Montreal Canada. They operate an online store and ship internationally.

What Makes Pump! Underwear Unique

Pump! Underwear are known for there bold designs. They make a range trunks, briefs and jockstraps. They were the first underwear brand to include Graffiti and Splatter designs into their range. Pump sells a range called “Access Trunks” which are a cross between a Trunk and a Jockstrap. Pump! also sells a range of swimwear and clothing.

Pump! Underwear is a popular gay mens underwear brand with many of their designs popular within the Gay community.

Pump Underwear bottomless trunk

How Does Pump! Underwear Fit

I would describe Pump Underwear as form fitting. It is designed to be quite tight. Their trunks are quite short and designed to show a bit more leg than other trunks. Even though Pump underwear is quite tight it is still comfortable and supportive.

Where to Get Pump Underwear in Australia

Pump Underwear can currently be purchased from Dugg and DailyJocks in Australia. It looks like DailyJocks sells a number of Pump! Underwear exclusives that aren’t available elsewhere.

The Pump website also ships to Australia.

You’ll Like Pump Underwear if…

If you’re a fan of bright colours and bold designs then Pump Underwear is for you. If you’re a fan of jockstraps, pump underwear has a large range of jockstraps. Pump also sell a bottomless trunk which is pretty unique and I haven’t seen many other mens underwear brands with similar trunks.

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