Step One Underwear Review: 2023 Guide

Step One Underwear is specifically designed to be anti-chafe and comfortable. If you’re looking for a more comfortable pair of undies, Step One could be for you.

Here’s my Step One Review:

What is Step One Underwear

Step One is an Australian underwear brand. Step One sells two main types of underwear for men – Boxer Briefs and Trunks. What’s unique about Step One is the underwear are designed for different leg types. The Boxer Briefs are designed for guys with thicker legs and the trunks are designed for guys with thinner legs.

Step One Boxer Briefs
Step One Boxer Briefs. Designed for Guys with Thicker Legs

The main reason underwear can chafe is down to fit. By designing underwear that’s specific to leg size, you’re less likely to experience chafing.

Step Ones are made from a Bamboo Viscose Blend. This has a softer feel compared to most cotton underwear and material is great at wicking away moisture.

What I like about Step Ones

Super Comfortable

The main reason I would buy Step Ones over other brands is comfort. The design is well made so that these are form fitting yet won’t ride up and chafe. Step Ones claim the fabric is moisture wicking. It’s a bit hard to test this out. Looking at other Step One reviews on reddit other guys seem to find them just as comfortable as I did.

First Pair Guarantee

Step Ones come with a First Pair Guarantee. If you don’t like them after 30 days you can simply return them for a full refund. Step One obviously stands by the comfort of there underwear.

What I don’t Like about Step One Underwear


There is no getting around the fact that Step One Underwear is pretty expensive. While it’s not quite as expensive as some luxury brand underwear it’s still more expensive than most other mens underwear in Australia. That being said, they do last a long time and you are paying for a super comfortable pair of underwear.


This is personal preference but I’m not a huge fan of the colour choices Step One has gone with. They could definitely use the help of a designer. The newer colours launched by Step One which are super bright are definitely a step in the right direction. The colours tend to either be gross (Smashed Avo and Juicy Plums) or a little too gaudy. There is no in between. They could learn a trick or two from a company like Aussiebum who have much nicer colours and prints. Of course this just personal taste and you might love the colours and prints.

Step One Limited Edition Mens Underwear
Not sure about this colour choice 🤔

For my fashion challenged straight friends, if you’re wondering which pair your Lady friend will prefer, definitely go with the brighter colours like Icy Cubes or Midnight Blues. You’ll look better in them compared to the colour/grey blends which aren’t as flattering.

Step One Mens Undies
A much nicer and more flattering colour choice!

How Long Lasting are Step Ones

I was a little hesitant about the bamboo viscose material. I have tried Bamboo underwear in the past and found they don’t tend to last very long. The good news is that the Step One blend seems to hold up really well. My pairs from two years ago are still going strong and the material has maintained its stretch. Step One underwear has a fairly thick elastic waistband so you don’t need to worry about the elastic giving in.

My Step One Review

These are great underwear! They are long lasting and super comfortable. I’ve never had huge issues with chafing but I do appreciate how comfortable these underwear are. They are a tad expensive but I do think they are well worth the investment.

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